A bit about us here at Aquatic Aviation

Aquatic Aviation, LLC was formed on October 1, 2012 by Paul Bulka, Jr. and Andrew Hickey in San Diego, CA. Aquatic Aviation takes pride in being Southern California’s exclusive Zapata-Racing Flyboard® distributor. By becoming the first Flyboard rental company established in North America, we have been able to create a business platform that ties excellent customer service, the love of water, and the experience of a lifetime all together.
The Flyboard allows users to fly over 30 feet in the air by water propulsion. It was created and designed by Zapata Racing in 2011 and has taken the water sports world by storm. The Flyboard attaches to a Jet Ski by a 55-65 foot hose and the power of the Jet Ski is used to propel water to the Flyboard, elevating the user above water.

Though some people might refer to it as a water jetpack, the user is actually secured into the board by their feet. While riding the Flyboard, the user controls the navigation whilst the person driving the Jet Ski controls the power. When the Flyboard is attached to a Jet Ski, the Jet Ski has no steering control. Flyboarding requires the user to manipulate the spray of the jets by tilting their feet to go forward and backward and using the pressure of their knees to go left or right.


Have you ever wanted to fly like Ironman? Have you ever wanted to swim like a dolphin?

Things that were once only possible in your dreams are now an everyday activity. For those of you doubting whether this is something you should do I dare you to ask the kid inside you what they would do? If they aren’t kicking your butt or stealing your lunch money to get their flight booked then your imagination just isn’t as vivid as ours.

This is something that you do not want to miss out on! The most beautiful thing about Flyboarding is that any able-bodied person can do it. It is not anywhere near as hard as it looks. If you don’t believe us then please come try it yourself so we can prove you wrong and yet, we will still both be winners.