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AQAV Kicks Off the Season with Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk

By June 13, 2015July 18th, 2016Uncategorized

San Diego cranked up the heat, so we figured we had to as well.

This year, we had the incredible fortune of hosting skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and Flyboard / Hoverboard inventor Franky Zapata for the season kick-off of a lifetime!

If you’ve searched the internet in the past year you’ve probably heard a lot of hype about the “Hoverboard” that Tony Hawk was filmed riding in a parking lot. After much confusion, audiences around the globe found that this video was indeed a hoax. The Aquatic Aviation team figured that we would help give him another chance and get him on the real Hoverboard with the inventor himself.

With a riding flow similar to a skateboard, the Hoverboard offered Tony the chance to mix his love of skating with the water. After discussing some of the finer points of Hoverboard physics with Franky, Tony found that turns and carves were a piece of cake. In no time at all, Tony was standing and gliding across the San Diego Bay with a huge grin on his face. Not to be outdone, Franky was sure to hop on the Hoverboard and showcase a few of his professional tricks as well.

We would like to thank Tony Hawk for joining us in the San Diego Bay for The Ultimate Hoverboard Experience. The AQAV Team additionally wants to thank Franky Zapata. It was a pleasure to share our city and such an amazing experience with the inventor of the Flyboard and the Hoverboard. We are all excited to see what innovations he has for us next!

Check out the showcase video below to see Tony Hawk smashing through some wake on the Hoverboard in the San Diego Bay!

Photo Credits: Kristin Anderson Photography

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