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Bethany Hamilton comes to Aquatic Aviation

Bethany Hamilton Flyboarding Aquatic Aviation

Two days before she was scheduled to Participate in the Ford SuperGirl Pro Surf Competition, the inspirational Bethany Hamilton came to Aquatic Aviation to try out the Flyboard. The Feature film “Soul Surfer” based on Bethany’s life tells a story of a young girl who has aspirations of becoming a professional surfer, but is dealt with a major setback when a shark attack leads to Bethany losing her left arm. The trauma from the event leads Bethany down a journey to overcome adversity and find her way back onto the water before realizing her dream of becoming a professional surfer as well as helping and being an inspiration to many all around the world.

Bethany’s surfing background meant that she was a fairly natural Flyboarder and was attempting dolphin dives and spins in her first lesson. Everyone at Aquatic Aviation would like to state that it was a honor to get to spend some time with an idol and a privilege teaching her to Flyboard!

Bethany Hamilton Flyboarding Aquatic Aviation

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