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Callon Burns takes on 2015 North America Flyboard Championship

By June 1, 2015June 2nd, 2015Flyboard Events, Uncategorized
Pro Flyboarder Callom Burns

Callon Burns, coming from the island of Bermuda, is a professional Flyboarder who is sponsored by Aquatic Aviation.

Callon joined the AQAV team in early 2015 and began right away with some action. The Maldives, a small island off of the coast of Sri Lanka in the Arabian Sea, welcomed the AQAV Team with their newest member. On the island, we were responsible for training nine new instructors to operate a new affiliate Flyboard location.

Callon holds the ranking of Number 3 in North America’s 2014 Flyboard Championship and Number 11 in the 2014 World Flyboard Championship. By showing his enthusiasm and committing such efforts, Callon has begun to spread the love of Flyboarding from nation to nation.

The LUX Maldives hosted the Aquatic Aviation Team, and we also held a few performances for the resort (footage can be seen below).

Stay tuned with us on Social Media for the latest update in the 2015 North America Flyboard Competition…..

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