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Last Saturday, August 13th, Aquatic Aviation was invited to join the West Coast Watercraft Club in one of their bayside events to show off the Flyboard, Hoverboard, and Jetpack. The West Coast Watercraft Club is a personal watercraft group whose members participate in Jet Ski rides and events throughout the year. These high energy, outdoor enthusiasts are always seeking new adventures, which make them the perfect candidates to try our exciting sport!

Flyboarding Instructor

The club met at Ski Beach in Mission Bay. They had several canopies, beach chairs, and a full potluck buffet. This group knows how to kick it! We set up a table to show off the Hoverboard and Jetpack, then hit the water with the Flyboard. From the beach, you could hear everyone gasp when our instructor, Mark, rose from the water. People flocked to the shore to watch Mark fly, wowing the crowd with backflips, twists, and dives!
Mark’s crazy stunts couldn’t scare this crew, a few interested members were eager to give it a try. Every person picked up the basics within minutes. A few talked about the possibility of a team Flyboard to add to their toy collection. They will definitely make a scene in their travels. Thank you Lewis and Dan for organizing the event and asking us to be a part of it. We had a blast with you all!

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