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Now available from Aquatic Aviation: The Hoverboard

By June 24, 2014November 5th, 2015Uncategorized

Aquatic Aviation owner Paul Bulka recently traveled to Cancun to try out the Hoverboard, Zapata Racing’s latest offering for aquatic thrillseekers. Along with the rest of the Flyboard Family, Paul took the Hoverboard for a spin (several spins actually, plus plenty of flips and corkscrews) in the Caribbean surf as beach-goers looked on and a video crew captured the action.

Flyboarders, surfers, and novices alike should find the Hoverboard quick and easy to learn. Presented as an add-on to the popular Flyboard device, the Hoverboard positions the rider in the traditional surfboarding stance, allowing a more familiar range of motion for performing freestyle tricks at heights of up to 35 feet. Truly extreme.

The Hoverboard is set for release later this month and is available now for pre-order from Aquatic Aviation.


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