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The FlyRide by Zapata Racing makes hydroflight accessible for beginners and offers new thrills for extreme riders. It does this by combing the controls of a personal watercraft with the latest advancements in computer-aided flight control and gyro stabilization – the same technology developed for the groundbreaking Flyboard Air and EZ Fly jet-powered craft.

The term EZ-Fly comes from the newest and latest Flyboard air product from Zapata Racing called the EZ-Fly. The EZ Fly was first tested a couple months back and was successfully flown by 10 brand new pilots and a special forces officer in Texas.

The FlyRide can be used with your existing hose and connection parts you get when you order a Flyboard, Hoverboard, or Jetpack kit. This is also referred to the PWC connection kit and includes the U-Pipe, hose clamps, hose, fastening strap, and swivels.

EZ-Flight Control System FlyRide Features

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Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 28 × 38 in
Adapter Kits

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Electronic Management Kit (EMK)

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