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Aquatic Aviation’s Water Jetpack is now available in San Diego!

By March 21, 2017July 15th, 2018Products, News
zapata racing water powered jetpack rentals san diego

Aquatic Aviation’s Jetpack is now available for lessons!

Use water power to fly over San Diego Bay! The Jetpack allows riders to enjoy their flight in a seated position. The Jetpack is powered by a jet ski that diverts water through the hose and out the clear nozzles on the sides of the Jetpack. The instructor sits on the back of the jet ski, giving the Jetpack power and cheering the rider on as they fly.

The Zapata Racing Jetpack is the lightest jetpack model on the market. Its innovative design features a buoyant seat, steering controls placed below the user’s arm to allow for maximum mobility, and 5 point harness designed by the International Automobile Federation.

zapata racing water powered jetpack rentals san diego
zapata racing water powered jetpack rentals san diego

How to Fly a Water Jetpack:

Unlike the Flyboard and Hoverboard, which rely on the balance in the flyer’s feet and toes, the Jetpack reacts to the user’s body positioning. The handles change water direction.
To move upward: Bring handles upward. The jets will be aimed straight down, using their power to provide height.
To move forward: Push handles downward. The jets will be angled to push the jetpack forward.
To turn left/right: Tilt shoulders in the desired direction.
All of these movements are very subtle. Adjusting just an inch will make a big difference.

What to know before your lesson:

Flyers MUST know how to swim.
Flyers MUST be comfortable in the water.

Safety is our utmost concern. We do a quick swim test before our Jetpack lessons to make sure guests can tread water. The jetpack itself is buoyant and flyers will be wearing a life jacket.

zapata racing water powered jetpack rentals san diego

Book a Jetpack Rental

To make a reservation, call 888.265.2728 or Book Online.

Gift Certificates

Need a gift idea? Give someone an experience they’ll never forget! Jetpack gift certificates are now available in our Online Store.

Buy a Jetpack

Interested in buying your own Jetpack? Check out our Online Store for details or give us a call. (888)265-2728  All of the Zapata Racing products use the same connection kit and are easily interchangeable. Switch from Jetpacking to Flyboarding in seconds! We have extensive knowledge on all of our products and would love to get you set up!

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