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Convert your Jet Ski into a Boat!

By November 4, 2016June 8th, 2021Uncategorized

Sealver: Turn your Jet Ski into a Boat

Aquatic Aviation is selling a new product called the Sealver Wave Boat. It is an attachment for a jet ski, that turns your personal watercraft (PWC) into a boat. The Wave Boat uses the PWC’s engine and steering and just locks into a boat frame, providing more space for others to join you on your adventures. We are excited to be working with SEALVER® because the Wave Boat is an awesome addition to a Flyboard Experience! Now more people can watch and enjoy Flyboarding close up.

Sealver wave boat flyboard jet ski attachment

How does it work?

The Wave Boat is an addition if you already own a personal watercraft. You drive your jet ski into the docking space, attach your ski to the back of the boat in seconds via 2 boat buckles, and take off.

What are the benefits?

  • Allow up to 7 passengers (depending on model)
  • Have a boat and jet ski in one compact space
  • Able to boat at night with light system add-on
  • Travels up to 57mph
  • Great for traveling with hydroflight gear
  • Easy attaching and detaching from PWC
  • Fits on standard boat trailer
  • Great for watersport businesses
  • Customizable options to fit your needs

Are there different styles?

Yes, there are currently four different Wave Boats. Two rigid-inflatable boats (RIB) and two fiberglass boats.

Is it compatible with my PWC?

The Wave Boats are currently compatible with Yamaha models from 2004 and newer, andSea Doo models from 2009 and newer. The compatibility kits are specifically designed to fit the shape of these PWCs. SEALVER is also in the process of creating a kit for Kawasaki engines.

How much do they cost?

The starting price for these products is $10,395 and can be financed as low as $287 per month.

Where can I buy one?

Go to our Online Store to browse the different boats and prices. Or Give us a call (888)265-2728.

Sealver wave boat flyboard jet ski attachment


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