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The Jetovator is a flying water bike that uses the power of a PWC for the lift needed to fly. To achieve this, a custom adapter kit is fitted over the jet pump of the PWC. This diverts the water jet through the hose and out of the Jetovator’s nozzles under pressure. As a result, the high water pressure shooting out of the nozzles thrusts the Jetovator forward and up into the air. The process can be compared to holding a garden hose. The force that the garden hose exerts on your arm under pressure is the same as the force that drives the jet bike into the air. The rider uses this force by moving the Jetovator arms back and forth to steer the bike through the air.

Our kit comes with everything needed to get a jet ski (PWC) connected to the jet bike. Therefore, the kit includes, one Jetovator Bike, Hose with Hose Bearing, Upipe with swivel system that reverses the jet ski (PWC) water outlet and reduces hose kinks, and a quick clip for an easy uncoupling between the Jetovator and the PWC.

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*The landing gear shown in the pictures is not included.