Aquatic Aviation’s Andrew Hickey attempts Guinness World Record for Backflips on a Flyboard

Andrew Hickey Guinness World Record On Flyboard Aquatic Aviation

Aquatic Aviation’s professional Flyboarder Andrew Hickey was recently invited by Guinness World Records Unleashed the TruTV show to attempt as many backflips on the Flyboard as he could in one minute.

With only two days to practice and the record set at 10 flips it would be a great feat to become the new Guinness World Record holder. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Hickey spent hours training working out what would be the best technique to land as many successive backflips in as short amount of time as possible.

A Flyboard backflip is different and in some ways more technical than a regular backflip on land due to the fact that the Flyboarder must pay particular attention to their distance from the ski, angle of their rotation so as to not collide with the hose, and the timing of when to begin their rotation to allow enough time to turn before hitting the water.

To find out how Hickey did tune into TruTV on…

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