Flyride the new flying water jet bike from Zapata

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It’s here! You can now buy the Flyride the new flying water jet bike from Zapata! We are taking pre-orders and the expected arrival date is March 2018. What is it you ask? It’s just the newest and latest innovation in Hydro-Flight sports created by mastermind inventor Fanky Zapata. In this article, we cover everything you need to know!

What is the Flyride?

The Flyride is a water flying device that looks like a  jet ski and is powered by waterjet technology that allows the rider to fly over water. The water jet bike device has an onboard computer with stabilization technology know as EZ-Fly. This new technology allows the device to self-balance similar to how drones self-hover. The advantage of implementing this new system is to allow the rider or riders to successfully fly with little to no training.

How does it work?

You might be asking yourself how to setup the Flyride and how to make it work. Once you receive the Flyride and connect it to your PWC connection kit you will want to pair your existing EMK brain box with the Flyride. The pairing works the same way as pairing the Wireless EMK V2 Remote. Once paired you will be able to start the ski with the controls on the handlebars of the Flyride and start flying.

Flyride Handle Bars Left Side

The handlebars operate similarly to how a jetski works with shifting your weight and turning the handlebars in the desired direction. The throttle is the trigger located on the right side of the handlebars. The trigger controls the throttle of the jet ski through the Wireless EMK V2 Brain. The more you squeeze the throttle, the more power is applied to the Flyride.

EZ-Flight Technology

The term EZ-Fly comes from the latest Flyboard air product from Zapata Racing. The EZ-Fly was first tested a couple months back and was successfully flown by 10 brand new pilots and a special forces officer in Texas.

Franky Zapata has now put this technology into a water flying device for the first time and we are super excited to try it out. He designed this product to make it easier for people to fly on the water. He also wanted to make the product available for special needs and the paralyzed who couldn’t partake in the other hydro-flight activities.

Does the Flyride work with my existing Flyboard, Hoverboard, or Jetpack kit?

The FlyRide can be used with your existing hose and connection parts that come with your Flyboard, Hoverboard, or Jetpack kit. This is also referred to the PWC connection kit and includes the U-Pipe, hose clamps, hose, fastening strap, and swivels/hose bearings.

FlyRide Top

How much does the Flyride cost?

The Flyride price starts at $9,285 USD (For the standalone) plus shipping if you are just purchasing the standalone device. If you purchase a complete FlyRide Kit the cost starts from $11,464 depending on what hose and adapter kit you choose.

What is the power requirements?

The FlyRide requires that your PWC/Jetski have at least 155 horsepower to operate successfully.

What is the minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement for the Flyride is 6 years old for recreational and 13+ for U.S. located businesses. This also depends on the type of insurance you carry for your rental operation.

What is the weight limit?

The maximum weight limit for the Flyride is 440 lbs depending on the power of the PWC.

Flyride front facing

The Flyride is a great addition to any existing jet ski rental or related watersport company.

Have a jet ski rental operation or looking to add the FlyRide to your existing rental equipment? The Flyride is the perfect product to separate yourself from the competition and add additional revenue to your bottom line.

Another benefit of the Flyride is that you can get views from above that you couldn’t get on a standard jet ski rental. Imagine beautiful blue tropical waters that your customers could view from 20-30ft above! That is what we call an experience!

If you have a jet ski rental operation already established you can easily add the Flyride to the inventory and not lose the functionality of the jetski. All you need to do is purchase the quick nozzle accessory and you can switch from flying mode to jetski mode in seconds.

Why we are excited about the Flyride

The most exciting part of having this product will be that we can expand our Flyboard, Hoverboard, and Jetpack rental market by having an easier flying experience. Even though the Flyboard, Hoverboard, and jetpack only take 5-15 minutes to learn, we still have some clients who are intimidated or can’t swim that will benefit from this new innovation of water flying devices.

Check out the video below to see it in action and don’t forget to check out our store page for more detailed pictures and graphics.

FlyRide Specs
EZ-Flight Control System
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