Equipped Pump Interface Plate for 2014 v3 Flyboard® or Hoverboard®. Mounting Adapter Kit sold separately. Comes assembled with the following parts:

  • FB03001    (1)    Interface Plate
  • FB03019    (1)    Venturi Connector
  • FB03028    (1)    Venturi Pipe
  • FB03038    (2)    Cover Screws
  • FB03036    (1)    Venturi Cover
  • FB03037    (1)    Venturi Filter
  • FB03027    (1)    Spline Tube Nipple
  • FB03029    (1)    Splined Tube
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The Equipped Pump Interface is often called the Universal Adapter Plate. This plate attaches to the PWC and allows the connection of the U Pipe. The adapter kit that attaches the jet ski to the Pump Interface is matched with your jet ski make and model.

Additional information

Weight 2.294 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in

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