The set contains:

The set is for quick mode changing for original impeller.


  • Faster shipping options available
  • Returns accepted within 30 days
  • Free tech and installation support with order


From PWC to HYDROFLY mode or reverse in less than a minute with original PWC functions like iBR, trim, RiDE!

  • Ultra fast change between PWC and HYDROFLY mode!
  • No need to remove main parts for mode change!
  • Double safety PWC keep’s original functions like iBR, trim!
  • ZR compatible!
QCS System How it works 1


Check out the specifics and parts with Hydro-Flight Mode vs PWC Mode.

QCS System Overview with Jetski1

How it Works

The video below will show you how to switch from Hydro-Flight Mode to PWC mode in seconds while keeping your iBR with brakes and reverse.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z2lwpFcVzY

Frequently asked questions

“What Jet skis is this system compatible with?”

Below is a list of PWCs we have compiled while testing the system. We try to update this list as much as possible. If you don’t see your PWC on the list please don’t hesitate to reach out to confirm.

  • 2018 GTX 155
  • 2018 GTX 230
  • 2018 GTX 300
  • 2018 RXT 230
  • 2018 RXT 300
  • 2018 WAKE PRO 230
  • 2019 FISH PRO
  • 2019 GTX 155
  • 2019 GTX 155 / FISH PRO
  • 2019 GTX 230
  • 2019 GTX 300
  • 2019 RXT 230
  • 2019 RXT 300
  • 2019 WAKE PRO 230
  • 2022 SeaDoo Wake Pro

“Does this system allow me to use my brake, reverse, and trim while in jet ski mode?”

Yes, but you have to use the buttons on the handle bars to change modes.

“Do I have to cut wires to install the Hydro-Flight QCS system?”

No, everything is plug and play.

“Do I have to have anything permanently installed or modified on the PWC to install the QCS System?”

No, the QCS system actually just replaces the stock iBR system. The stock iBR system can be reinstalled if you ever change your mind or sell your setup.

“Will this system allow me to use all the stock driving modes on my PWC?”

Yes, the system allows you to use all of your original stock modes.

“What is the warranty on this system?

The QCS system has a 1 year manufacture warranty from your delivery date.

“Will this system void my manufacture warranty on my PWC?”

Every manufacture warranty is different and it depends on the manufacture of the PWC. Please reach out to the manufacture of your PWC. In our experience we have not had any issues with warranty claims from the manufacturer.

It is always good practice to install the original parts before taking it into a shop. It is very similar to when you change out an exhaust or tires on your motorcycle.

“Can I switch back and forth from Jetski Mode to Flyboard mode in the water?”

Yes, you can switch back and forth in seconds.


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Free Tech Support and Installation Service

When you purchase through Aquatic Aviation not only are you getting the best quality products for the best price, you will also recive free tech support and installation service to assist you or your team when you recieve your products.

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