Red Bull Excited About Flyboard Air

flyboard air flyboarding world cup 2016 naples florida hoverboard

Red Bull, the company behind the popular energy drink is also known for their collaboration with extreme sport athletes. Their media branch, Red Bull TV promotes “beyond ordinary videos from the world of Red Bull.” The Flyboard Air is exactly that. Innovative and crazy awesome. Red Bull TV talked about the Flyboard’s growing attention and alludes to it maybe being in the X Games one day. The Zapata Racing products are right up Red Bull’s alley and we’re hoping to see more cool involvement in the future.

flyboard air flyboarding world cup 2016 naples florida hoverboard

What They Couldn’t Cover in 40 Seconds

The Flyboard Air is one of several sports talked about in this video, so some of the details are a little unclear. The Flyboard Air is a product invented by Franky Zapata. The Flyboard Air is jet-fueled, whereas his other products are water-powered. The original Flyboard, Hoverboard, and Jetpack have a hose that connects to a jet ski to divert the water. These are the only products currently commercially available and make up the growing “hydro-flight” (water-powered) industry. Franky is the founder of Zapata Industries and Zapata Racing. Both companies are based in France and his Guinness World Record was set in France, so we’re not sure why the video was labeled as being in New York, USA. The Flyboard Air has only been flown in the US at the 2016 Flyboard World Cup, which took place in Naples, Florida last September.

If you want to learn more about the Flyboard Air, see our full article HERE.
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