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Onean Electric Jetboard now available to buy!

By May 12, 2019May 29th, 2019Electric Jet Boards, Products
Onean Carver Electric Jetboard jumping waves

What is the Onean Electric Jetboard?

The Onean Electric Jetboard is an electric surfboard/wakeboard that is powered by an electric motor or motors (Depending on the model) that can allow a user to be propelled across a water surface. We have three different models that we offer to purchase, the carver, carver x, and manta. Each version of the board consists of different battery, power, and motor types and was originally developed by aquila boards, a company in Germany.

How does it work?

The boards are powered by either one or two IP68 waterproof batteries, depending on the model. The Manata and Carver model takes one battery and has a power level of  5kw and the Carver X has two equaling 10kw of power that powers two electric surfboard motors. The Onean Jetboards are controlled by the Onean Wireless Remote control and has 5 different level settings for beginners to advanced riders. 

Onean wireless ControllerHow does the models’ standup in an electric surfboard comparison?

Looking at the other electric surfboard on the market, the Onean electric surfboard price seems to be competitive with the quality of the product. There are other models you can find for cheaper, but with our research, it seems that Onean is at the top of the list for quality and performance across the board. 

Where is the Onean Electric Jetboards made?

The jetboards are made and designed in Germany originally and we distribute them out of our warehouse in Florida.

What is the difference between the Onean Models?

Manta Jetboard

  • The Manata is one of the first production boards developed by the Aquila electric surfboard company. It has a wider approach compared to the other models of boards.

Carver Jetboard

  • The Carver was the 2nd generation board to come out with a more sleek design and some upgraded features compared to the Manta.

Carver X Jetboard

  • The Carver X is the latest Onean electric surfboard to hit the market. and is designed for heavy riders as it has twice the power of the Carver and Manta.
Two Onean Carver Jetboards on the beach
Two Onean Manta Electric Jetboards riding together in the ocean
Guy carrying Onean Carver Electric Jetboard into the water

What are the Onean Electric Surfboard Specs?


Carver Top View of Board
Ride Time
40 Minutes
240cm / 7'8"
70cm / 27.5"
Weight (No Battery)
12kg / 26.5 lbs
Battery Power
Max Speed
35-40 km/h (21-25 mph) with 75kg / 160 lbs rider
Charge Time
2.5 Hrs

Carver X

Ride Time
40 Minutes
240cm / 7'8"
70cm / 35.4"
Weight (No Battery)
18kg / 39 lbs
Battery Power
Max Speed
Charge Time
2.5 Hrs

How much does the Onean Carver and Carver X cost?

Each Onean jetboard is an electric surfboard and cost between $3390 and $10,980 USD. The carver electric surfboard price starts at $3,390 and the Onean Carver X price starts at $5,990. This is the same price as the Aquila electric surfboard line since they are produced by the same manufacturing company.

How long does it take to ship?

Purchases of new boards take 1-4 weeks to ship depending on availability and destination address. We can also ship the electric surfboard anywhere in the USA and foreign countries as well. Please feel free to reach out if you want to buy an electric surfboard! Please contact us for a quote!

What is the battery life on each model?

The Onean Carver X is powered by two batteries, its battery life is 40 minutes when riding at mixed speeds. The Onean Caver and Manta models run off of one battery but still have a run time of 40 minutes. These batteries are exactly the same as for any other Onean products, meaning you can also use your current batteries from the Carver and Manta model.

Onean Battery for Manta, Carver, and Carver XWho is it for?

We believe the Onean boards are great for people looking for an innovative way to surf the ocean on an electric surfboard. Not only can you surf in the ocean with this product but it would also be great on a water source such as a lake, bay, or even a river!

How much does the board weigh?

The weight of the boards ranges from 26.5 Pounds to 39 Lbs depending on which model you decide to purchase. The Carver is 26.5 pounds and the Carver X is 39 pounds.

How fast can the jet board/electric surfboard go?

Again this depends on the model, but the carver can reach speeds of 21 mph to 25 mph with a 165 lb rider on board. If you are above 185 pounds we recommend going with the Carver X and the speed top speed is still to be determined. 

What are people saying about the Onean Brand of electric powered jetboards?

After looking over the electric surfboard reviews across the web of customers who have bought one, we have decided this was a good product for our company to expand into. We believe that this new technology is going to change the way we enjoy tradition water sports and creates innovation in the space of water surfing and traditional surfing methods.

Check out the Onean products in the electric surfboard video below!

Electric Surfboard for Sale

You heard that right! We are now the west coast distributor for Onean Electric Jet Boards! These high speed jetboards will have you enjoying up to 40 minutes of riding time with a learning curve between 10-20 minutes.

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Onean Carver Electric Jetboard jumping waves

Onean Electric Jetboard now available to buy!

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  • Robin Varghese says:

    What is the warranty for the battery and the board? I’m interested in potentially purchasing two of these for use in NH. Do you have any customers willing to share their experience in the New England area?

    • Aquatic Aviation says:

      Hey Robin! Thanks for reaching out and we apologize for the long delay! At the moment we do not have any customers in the NH area, but the product has been around for 3 years and the brand Onean is leading the industry. We have other customers who have purchased the boards and we are getting good feedback on the reliability and overall experience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at info@aquaticaviation.net. We would love to assist you.

      Team AQAV

  • Jess Robillo says:

    Hello! Interested in your electric surfboards. Where are you located and how to purchase? Also can you tell me more about the carver? Cost and shipping also.. thanks

  • Jim M says:

    Does the Carver hold a 200lb man or is it absolutely required to get the Carver X. Thanks


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